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Is your Ecommerce site poised to beat back the competition that is soon to come? If it isn’t here already? The more competition that enters your ecommerce niche, the more imperative it is that you enact an Ecommerce SEO strategy to ensure that your business – your wares – remain at the very top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

As you probably know from your own online activities, when you search for something, you don’t go past the first page of the results, and in fact you probably only look at the top 10 results on that first page.

Ecommerce SEO, performed by SEO experts, can help ensure that your business remains on the front page of SERPs for a variety of keywords that drive customers to your business and converts them into paying customers once they arrive.

SEO for Ecommerce

A “keyword” or “key phrase” is simply a group of words that someone uses to search for something to by online. Someone looking for widgets will probably not enter the single word, “widget.” This is a good thing because it’s impossible to optimize for a single word! He, or she, is much more likely to search for exactly what they need: “widgets for a platinum sprocket” or “best car widgets to buy online.”

If you sell widgets, you will want the phrases “widgets for a platinum sprocket” or “best car widgets to buy online” to appear in multiple places on your website, and you will want to build multiple “backlinks” with text containing those particular phrases, each phrase linked to the appropriate page of your website.

That’s a simplistic example, of course, but it emphasizes the need to choose just the right keywords that your potential customers are most likely to use when searching for something they want or need to buy.

So let’s talk about what goes into an Ecommerce SEO strategy.

Targeted Keyword Research

The choice of keywords you use on your site is, as you can see, extremely important. We’ll conduct research to learn the most frequently used keywords in your niche, as well as the keywords that your customers use to optimize their own sites.

Every SEO agency does keyword research like this – the key (forgive the pun) is how that agency then takes those keywords and optimizes for them, on your site and throughout the internet.

Optimized Web Content

Once we’ve discovered the most beneficial keywords for your business, we’ll help you optimize your web content to contain those keywords. For SEO purposes, it’s best if an Ecommerce website has as many pages as possible, so that a wide variety of keywords/products can be optimized for.

Our content writers are second to none when it comes to creativity and persuasive content creation.

Fresh Content

Search engines reward websites that offer fresh content on a regular basis. Since it’s impractical to change the text of your webpages every week (unless you’re constantly adding new product), the solution is to have an integrated blog.

Our content specialists create blog content that is of use to the reader (something search engine algorithms can actually detect and reward) and also establishes your site/business as a “thought leader” in your industry. In addition, our specialists are skilled at including calls to action (CTA) into each post to engage your readers and encourage them to explore your site over and over again – thus increasing your conversion rate.

Link Building

Your site has been on-paged optimized. Next comes the main task of your SEO agency – building quality backlinks, or inbound links, to your site.

Link building is an on-going process. The more quality backlinks your site has for a certain keyword, the better ranked that keyword will be in the search engines, until finally it hits the all-important first page.

We keep emphasizing the word “quality.” In the past, certain SEO providers created thousands upon thousands of links that could be seen only by search engines, never by real people. Search engines no longer reward that behavior – they penalize it.

Quality backlinks consist of links from third party sites, embedded in text that is beneficial to human readers. There are many methods to do this, and our experienced Ecommerce SEO strategists know them all.

Are you ready to take the next step in SEO, Atlanta?

If you are ready to make the investment in your business that drives inbound leads for years to come, then let’s get started now. Our process begins with a free in-depth SEO evaluation. Contact us today to schedule your SEO audit.

What else is important?

A search engine web crawler doesn’t care what your website looks like, but it does care about the structure of the site – how long it takes to load, if it has any broken internal links, if expected site tags aren’t present, and if it possesses duplicate content.

Your visitors do care about what your site looks like, and how it’s structured. If they encounter a broken link that will lessen their trust in your site and your business. If a site takes even three seconds longer to load than they think it should, they’ll leave immediately. If they can’t find what they’re looking for at first glance, or if the site looks too jumbled or busy, they will also “bounce” immediately.

When we first start working with you, we’ll conduct a site audit and give you a detailed report on any issues with your site that will harm your ranking with search engines, and potentially harm your conversion rate among customers.

And we’ll show you how to fix these issues.

Empowering Your Customers with Engagement

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and more give your customers the opportunity to review your products – and that’s what they like to do. Research shows that over 75% of consumers read reviews before they make an online purchase.

If you haven’t already developed your social media and review presence online, we’ll help you with that, too.

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